每年都會有一批新的商業用語掀起流行。隨著科技進步,Phablets (平板手機) 這樣的組合字,就成了快速熱門的用字。後網路時代造成的大量創業潮,產生了一群想當創業家,卻一直沒去創業的人,英文就稱這群人為Wantrepreneur 。而今年對於專業經理人來說,應該知道的最新用字有那些呢?進入文章之前,先想想以下的英文怎麼說:

a) 溝通行銷

b) 全方位

c) 發揮功效

一、Chief Culture Officer (CCO)

[This is] a role that is becoming more necessary as hiring becomes more competitive. These people are responsible for making a company a place where everyone wants to work.” – Ryan Farley, co-founder, LawnStarter



“A woman who has children and [a] family [and runs] a business at the same time.” – Lindsay White, founder, Lot 801


三、a) Conversation Marketing

“Marketing with the goal of having a direct one to one conversation with your customers through social media and other channels.” – David Waring, editor, Fit Small Business

溝通行銷: 透過社群媒體或其他管道,和客戶一對一直接溝通的行銷模式。


“Instead of business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B), brands will start 1) throwing around H2H, which stands for human to human.” – Brandon Seymour, owner, Beymour Consulting

H2H商業模式 : 除了我們過去常聽到 B2C (企業對客戶)和B2B(企業對企業)的商業模式,現在越來越多的品牌也提出了更回歸人性本質的 ”H2H” (人對人) 模式。


“Smarketing is the process of integrating the sales and marketing process of a business to unify the company goals and provide consistent messaging for your brand.” – Todd Mumford, CEO, Riverbed Marketing

整合行銷銷售策略 : 銷售與行銷之間的疆界逐漸消失,Smarketing部門需整合兩者資源,達到公司一致的績效指標,也背負共同的責任。

六、It Factor

“In business this essentially means the one special factor that makes any company new, or different, or interesting. In the past, this term has been known as the ‘secret ingredient,’ ‘the special sauce,’ and ‘the X factor.’ ” – Ian Aronovich

獨門秘技 : 使企業永遠創新、與眾不同、令人關注的秘訣。過去類似的用字像是 ‘secret ingredient’ ‘the special sauce,’ ‘the X factor’ 都是指獨家秘訣。


“mCommerce is commerce 2) carried out over a mobile device. Shoppers are browsing and buying more and more on mobile devices. Business owners should focus on making their online store frontsmobile friendly to create a truly b) omni-channel experience.” – Alex McEachern, loyalty marketing specialist, Sweet Tooth

行動電商 : 在行動裝置上完成的電子商務。消費者在行動裝置上瀏覽和購買商品的比例越來越高,商家應想盡辦法讓手機線上購物更友善,創造真正『全方位』的購物經驗。


“It refers to when a company c) leverages a current story in the news to 3) put forth its own marketing or sales message.” – David Bakke, writer and contributor, Money Crashers



“It is using a group to help an individual solve a challenge specific to them (in an ideation or brainstorming session), most often to generate ideas for their own new product or new business venture.” – Bryan Mattimore, co-founder, Growth Engine

透過集思廣益激發靈感 : 特別是概念形成和腦力激盪的階段。通常在新產品原型產生,開創新事業策略時常見的場景。

十、Growth Hacking

“Growth hacking is about finding innovative, inexpensive and often technical ‘hacks’ to significantly boost a company’s growth.” – Tom Treanor, director of marketing, Wrike

流量駭客 : 用於尋找有創意,省成本,以及經常是技術駭客的途徑,讓公司得到快速成長。


1) Throw around 拋出/互換意見
Throw around 指在意見桌上拋出議題,特別指一群人彼此輕鬆、自在地交換意見。
We threw some ideas around until we came up with a solution. 我們交換了一些想法,最後才想出了解決方案。

2) be carried out… 進行,實現
I expect my instructions to be carried out to the letter. 我希望我的指示可以在信件中記下來。

3) put forth 提出,發表
forth 意思是往前、向前的意思。put forth 表示提出、發表..。
He has put forth a modest plan to solve the problem. 他提出一個謹慎的計劃來解決此問題。



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