那天,是週六(11/29)市長選舉夜,柯 P 表示:「今晚請帶著平安喜樂的心情好好睡一覺,明天太陽升起的時候,我們開始工作!」


Overworked 過度工作的

例句:One of your colleagues is overworked, stressed, seemingly unproductive, and making your team look bad.


Dirty work 苦勞、沒人願意做的工作

例句:Communications, data handling, and all other dirty work are performed by the frameworks behind the scenes.


Get worked up 激動、生氣

例句:I get worked up very easily, but I tried to act cheerful instead of allowing myself to get agitated, wring my hands, etc.


Work out 運動、解決

例句:Work out what you need to do first, and go for it.(首先確定你需要做什麼,然後就行動。)
例句:Do you like to do some work out? (你想不想去作運動啊?)

Work on 繼續工作、從事

例句:It is something we all need to work on. (這是我們所有人都需要努力的一點。)

Work up an appetite 引起食慾

例句:Exercise will make you work up an appetite. (運動會引起你的食欲。)

Workaholic 工作狂

例句:While he appreciates his family more than ever, he is the same workaholic with the same drive that got him this far.(儘管他比以前更珍惜家人,但他還是以前那個工作狂,過去驅使他取得成功的動力依然還在。)

Work someone in 額外安排

例句:Please work this old woman in between other appointments. (請把這位老婦人安排在其他預約病人中間。)

Work something out 想出法子

例句:I’ll work something out. (我會想想別的辦法。)

out of work 失業

例句:The government is paying out more money than ever before to people out of work. (政府將對失業人員付出比以往更多的錢。)

get off work/duty 下班(=be off)

例句:When they get off work, they are reluctant to hang out with their friends. Communication on the Internet makes them feel more comfortable and easy.


work overtime 加班(也有加班費的意思呢!)

舉例:Just make sure you have trusted friends and relatives who can assist you when you need towork overtime or travel for your job.



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作者:Sylvia Chu(Photo Source:ishane, CC Licensed)