MANIKGANJ, BANGLADESH - AUGUST 20: 15 year old Nasoin Akhter has her makeup done at a beauty parlour on the day of her wedding to a 32 year old man, August 20, 2015 in Manikganj, Bangladesh. In June of this year, Human Rights Watch released a damning report about child marriage in Bangladesh. The country has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, with 29% of girls marrying before the age of 15, and 65% of girls marrying before they turn 18. The detrimental effects of early marriage on a girl cannot be overstated. Most young brides drop out of school. Pregnant girls from 15-20 are twice as likely to die in childbirth than those 20 or older, while girls under 15 are at five times the risk. Research cites spousal age difference as a significant risk factor for violence and sexual abuse. Child marriage is attributed to both cultural tradition and poverty. Parents believe that it "protects" girls from sexual assault and harassment. Larger dowries are not required for young girls, and economically, women's earnings are insignificant as compared to men's. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

(Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

童婚,為一婚姻當中有其一方為未滿 15 歲的年輕孩子,今日,有七億的小新娘依然生活在痛苦當中。童婚形成的緣故,大多數是作為商務買賣往來進行,因為貧窮,把小新娘賤價賣出的例子屢見不顯。雖然大多數的國家都有最低婚姻年齡限定,民眾選擇無視法條,政府也無力控管。

2013 年,葉門一位年僅 8 歲的小新娘成婚。初夜時,40 歲中年新郎與女童發生性行為,引發內出血,最後女孩不幸死亡。如同上述,因為童婚,女孩未發育成熟前就性交懷孕因此受傷死亡的消息不勝枚舉。

國家地理雜誌攝影師 Stephanie Sinclair 致力於改變這樣的困境,透過攝影專題Too Young To Wed,她希望能用影像喚起世人對議題的關注,並為這些孩子們募資,期望有朝一日他們也能不再擔心受怕。

Mejgon, 16, weeps in the arms of her caseworker near fellow residents at an NGO shelter run by Afghan women in Herat, Afghanistan. Mejgon’s father sold her at the age of 11 to a 60-year-old man for two boxes of heroin.

Mejgon 十一歲的時候,被她的爸爸用兩盒海洛因賣給了一位六十歲的阿富汗男子。Mejgon 十六歲時後被救出來,當時她痛哭抱著 Stephanie Sinclair 說 :「我一輩子都沒有感受到愛。」

Aracely, 15, holds her infant. “What I hope is to keep moving forward... to see how I can get my boy ahead. The hard thing, maybe... when he gets older and he leaves... that's when is going to be hard for me. When he is older. Because he is the one who will help me get ahead. Aracely is one of the half a million of Guatemalan girls who marry and give birth before they can legally vote, drink, or buy cigarettes. According to a 2012 UN Population Fund survey, 30% of Guatemalan women aged 20-24 were married by 18, and that number may be even higher in rural areas. Teenage births are so common that there’s even a law requiring mothers under 14 to have C-sections, because their hips are too narrow to give birth.

住在瓜地馬拉的 Aracely,年僅十五歲卻已經抱著孩子在餵母乳。「我希望的是能繼續往前走,看我能將兒子帶成什麼樣子。最困難的事,也許…是當他長大成人離開後…,對我來說會很困難,因為他是唯一能帶我往前的人。」

A nine-months pregnant Niruta, 14, arrives at the wedding ceremony in Kagati Village, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal on Jan. 23 ,2007. Niruta moved in with the family of Durga, 17, and became pregnant when they were only engaged. In some circles of the more socially open Newar people, this is permissible. ropensity towards this practice.

Niruta 十四歲的時候結婚,當時他已經被迫住進未來丈夫家裡,甚至挺著九個月大的肚子參加婚禮。


每一年,一千多萬的小新娘因為貧窮或習俗,都陷入了和和上述的女孩相同可怕的處境,Stephanie Sinclair 知道自己必須要用照片喚醒世人對童婚的關注,他開始記錄這場鬥爭。Stephanie Sinclair 販賣他從十多個國家拍攝的「Too Young To Wed」照片,用這些資金去幫助那些無助的孩子們。

每一張照片,後面都有一個心碎的故事。Stephanie Sinclair 說:「我們的希望可以透過有力的故事敘述,讓女孩們被世界看到,停止童婚對他們的折磨。我們也希望透過故事的分享,找到需要幫助的孩子們。」


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