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【自我毀滅】憤世指數 ★☆☆

I quit. 我不幹了

A: Jeff, can you take the night shift today?
B: Jesus, I’ve been taking night shifts the whole week… I quit.

A: Jeff,你今天可以輪晚班嗎?
B: 天啊!我這周已經都上晚班了耶…我不幹了!


I don’t care at all. 我才不屑

A: Did you hear that Taylor and Calvin broke up? I can’t believe it!
B: You know what? I don’t care at all.

A: 你有聽說泰勒斯和凱文分手了嗎?
B: 老實說,我才不屑。


I’ve had enough! 我受夠了

A: Hannah said she’s going to take a few more personal leaves. So you have to take her place while she’s gone.
B: I’ve had enough!

A: Hannah 說她要再請多幾天事假,所以你那幾天要幫她代班喔。
B: 我受夠了!


I’m on my period. 我月經來了

A: Don’t piss me off. I’m on my period.
B: Relax! I’m not doing this on purpose.

A: 別惹我,我月經來了。
B: 放輕鬆!我不是故意要氣你的。


Don’t be a copycat. 不要學我

A: Can I take a look at your logo design? I haven’t finished mine and the deadline is approaching…
B: Yeah, but don’t be a copycat. I’m serious.

A: 我可以看你的 logo 設計嗎?我還沒用好,而且時間快到了…
B: 可以是可以,但別學我喔!我認真的。


【世界毀滅】 憤世指數 ★★☆

What the heck? 現在是怎樣(受驚嚇、搞不清楚狀況)

A: Hey, John. I saw your girlfriend with another guy. I feel sorry for you.
B: What the heck? No wonder she keeps avoiding me recently.

A: 嘿,John,我看見你女朋友跟另個男的走在一起耶,真是為你感到難過。
B: 現在是怎樣?難怪她最近一直躲我。

not again / come on 又來了

A: Rumor has it that we will have another no-pay leave.
B: Not again! Plans can’t never keep up with changes…

A: 聽說我們又要被放無薪假了。
B: 又來了,計畫永遠趕不上變化。

Stop messing around. 別鬧了

A: If my mom forbids me to stay overnight at Coco’s house, I still would not be going home tonight.
B: Stop messing around! Your finals are about to come.

A: 如果媽媽不讓我住 Coco 家,那我今天晚上也不要回家了。
B: 別鬧了!你的期末考快到了。


Don’t talk crap! 廢話少說

A: Joan, you must listen to me, everyone loves Donald Trump. He’s going to win the U.S. presidential election.
B: No, he won’t. Don’t talk crap!

A: Joan,聽我說,大家都愛川普,他一定會贏得美國總統大選的。
B: 不可能,廢話少說!


Don’t be so calculating! 不要心機這麼重

A: I can’t believe Lindsay has so many fans on Facebook. She’s so fake! I’m going to show people her true colors.
B: Don’t be so calculating! Maybe she’s just lucky.

A: 我不敢相信 Lindsay 的粉絲團有這麼多人按讚,她很假掰耶!我一定要拆穿她的假面具。
B: 不要心機這麼重!她可能只是幸運嘛。


【讓你也毀滅】 憤世指數 ★★★

Suit yourself / whatever / anything goes 隨便你

A: What do you say about this red skirt? Or the pink one?
B: Anything goes. I don’t want to stay here anymore.

A: 你覺得這件紅色裙子如何?還是粉紅色的?
B: 隨便你,我不想再待在這了。

You’re driving me crazy! 你快把我逼瘋了

A: Kyle, I know you are going to be late, but could you buy me a cup of Americano and a muffin at Starbucks? Oh, by the way, a sandwich and a banana from 7-11 as well.
B: I can’t do so many things within 5 minutes. You’re driving me crazy!

A: Kyle,我知道你要遲到了,不過你可以幫我買一杯星巴克的美式咖啡和一個馬芬蛋糕嗎?另外,順便在 7-11 買一個三明治和一根香蕉喔!
B: 我不可能在五分鐘內做這麼多事,你快把我逼瘋了!

You have no taste. 你很俗欸

A: How do you think about me wearing Birkenstock with stockings?
B: I’ve got to say you have no taste…not at all.

A: 你覺得穿勃肯涼鞋配長筒襪如何?
B: 我必須說你真的很俗…


Who do you think you are? 你以為你是誰

A: Men are more capable of taking the leading role than women for sure.
B: Who do you think you are? Humans are equal, you shouldn’t have this kind of sexual stereotype.

B: 你以為你是誰?人生而平等,你不應該有這樣的性別刻板印象。


You are such a jerk! 你好機車

A: Oops, it seems like you’ve missed the deadline for registration. See you next year! I’m not the one to blame.
B: You are such a jerk!

A: 哎呀,你似乎錯過報名時間了,明年見囉!別怪我沒提醒你。
B: 你好機車!


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