MLOps Startup InfuseAI Raised US$4.3 M Series A Aiming to Go Global and It’s Open Source

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Integrating AI models and algorithms into business workflows can be beneficial in the long term, but the process is complex and spans across data science and IT operation domains.

Taiwan-based startup InfuseAI is an MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) platform provider dedicated to making artificial intelligence and machine learning workflow smoother.

MLOps market to reach US$4 billion in 4 years

InfuseAI announced raising US$4.3 M Series A, led by Wistron Corporation, along with Top Taiwan Venture Capital, Hive Ventures, Silicon Valley Taiwan Investments (SVTI), 500 Startups, and Angel investors. The purpose is to accelerate platform development and expand globally.

As a relatively new concept that first emerged in a paper addressing hidden costs in machine learning deployment in year 2015, MLOps simplifies AI algorithm and model training for enterprises to industrialize AI without bearing the hidden technical debt and shorten the development life cycles. 

Less than half of the companies surveyed in a 2020 Algorithmia report showed to have the capability to deploy a single AI model in thirty days. According to a Deloitte quoted research by Cognilytica, the global MLOps market is expected to scale up to nearly US$4 billion by 2025. 

There have been over ten financing events that fell into the MLOps solution categories in the past year and a half, including the acquisition of by Intel and the acquisition of ParallelM by DataRobot. InfuseAI has been the only participant from Asia in this category.

Founded in 2018, InfuseAI created PrimeHub platform covering AI model development, data training management, model deployment and monitor as a one-stop service with clients spanning across the financial, manufacturing, healthcare sectors and research institutions.

Open source business model

InfuseAI is based on open source and open core business models that can quickly reach potential users in the global market. 

Lee-Feng Chien, former Google Taiwan Managing Director and advisor of InfuseAI commented, “InfuseAI products enable industries to expand the value and scale of AI. It is one of the few Taiwanese companies that provide pure software services as open source.”

Co-founder of Hive Ventures, Yan Lee, said, “A number of enterprises would need a platform like InfuseAI for seamless collaborations between the developers and data scientists when expanding on AI operation and model deployments.”

The open source business model has been the recent trend, with famous successful examples including MongoDB and Elastic NV.

Co-founders are active members of the Taiwanese open source community

Chia-Liang Kao, co-founder of InfuseAI is one of the leading figures of the open source community in Taiwan. He previously co-founded g0v for bottom-up changes on public goods with civic tech and has since become a top global civic tech community.

Another co-founder, Liang-Bin Hsueh is also active among the Taiwanese open source community, he previously co-founded an online registration service, Registrano, which was later acquired by KKBOX becoming KKTIX.

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The InfuseAI team. Source: InfuseAI.