Teco Powertrain Systems Enter Southeast Asia Supply Chain and Restarts Indian EV Motor Plants

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Taiwan-based motor manufacturer Teco Electric & Machinery Co. is delivering their electric vehicle powertrain systems overseas for Thailand E-Ferry and automated truckers at the Singaporean port.

Cooperations with Japanese Mitsui & Co. to set up manufacturing EV motor plants in Bangalore through a joint venture targeting the Indian electric vehicle market has also been quoted with construction plans to begin in May, ready to kick off after both parties visit the factory sites.

Indian EV motors manufacturing plant construction restarts

Teco is the world’s fourth-largest industrial motor producer, which had also previously supplied components for Taiwanese High-Speed trains. The manufacturer currently has plants in the US, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Teco President George Lien said the original plan to set up small motor manufacturing plants in India in the second half of 2020 was delayed due to the pandemic, but plans are kick-started again this May aiming to be finished by the end of this year. 

The first EV motor production line to start operating in May

Teco has also secured orders from domestic carmakers and is setting up the first two EV motor manufacturing lines in Zhongli, a northern city in Taiwan, for two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles respectively. Full operation is expected to take off in May. 

Chairman Sophia Chwen-Jy Chiu mentioned to further automate the Zhongli EV motor production lines by June to mid-July and subsequently adopt the production line as a model for the Indian plant to comply with its Japanese carmaker partner’s standards. 


Source: udn, anue (in Mandarin)

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