Foxconn Deciding over Mexico or Wisconsin for First Electric Car Factory

foxconn wisconsinSource: Pexels

Taiwan-based iPhone assembler Foxconn has manufacturing plants both in both Mexico and Wisconsin. 

According to Bloomberg, the Group is considering which of these two locations to choose as their first electric car plant, Chairman Young Liu says the final decision will reside over two main human resource factors – technicians and engineers. 

Decisions regarding which products will be manufactured at the Wisconsin site will also subsequently be made before July.

Moreover, Foxconn has been talking with many US electric carmakers, but no agreements have been made. When asked about rumors of the Group manufacturing for Apple car, Young Liu dismissed the statement stating it is just “a rumor.”

Young Liu also reiterated to target 10% of the electric car market share, as well as produce solid-state batteries before 2024 as planned.


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