MCU Maker Holtek Gets Amazon Order for Smart Shelves

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Holtek Semiconductor Inc. (盛群半導體), developer and manufacturer for microcontroller units (MCU), has entered the Amazon supply chain for home- and office-use smart shelves.

The auto-replenishment scale notifies users remotely to place reorders whenever a detection of underweight is censored to monitor quantities and ensure an ample supply of merchandise on the shelf.

General Manager of Holtek, Gau Kuo-Tung (高國棟) explained the chip production is an extension of healthcare weight scales products. Amazon smart shelf is an application of IoT, realized in a combination of Bluetooth, WiFi connection and Amazon’s well-established platform. 

According to Holtek spokesman Tsai Jung-Tsung (蔡榮宗), volume shipments began in Q4 last year, as part of a three-year project.

Holtek revenue marked a historical high last year and continuous growth by a double-digit percentage is foreseeable this year.


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