TSMC sets foot in Japan to develop 3nm process

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has invested to establish a 3DIC materials research and development center in Japan amid increasing global attention to secure state-of-the-art technology for semiconductors at home.

EUV technology realizes advanced 7nm process

TSMC has gone into mass production for the advanced 7 nm process and developed further into 5nm and 3nm processes, these techniques are available through EUV. TSMC, followed by other players in the sector have adopted ASML – the Dutch chipmaking equipment company’s extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment. 

The low wavelength lithography prints minimal circuit patterns on the silicon wafer, the miniature patterns allows for more efficient use of power and increases processing speed. 

The limit of EUV technique draws at 1nm, while the technology node aiming at shrinking transistor dimensions for denser and smaller chips to boost performance is currently limited to 3 nm process.

3DIC solution for advanced packaging

TSMC had addressed this issue at the company’s largest annual Technology Symposium held online last August.

The company stated their 3DIC system integration solutions – combining SoIC, InFO and CoWoS, named as the “TSMC 3DFabric,” to realize various designs for innovative products. 

Since IC packaging is more suitable to be conducted by semiconductor foundries, this provides a solution to the addressed physical limitations.

Repositioning Japan in the semiconductor industry?

According to Nikkei, Japan’s semiconductor industry had fallen through imposed sanctions by the US after signing ”The U.S.-Japan Semiconductor Agreement” in 1986 following the bubble economy, leading the high-tech nation to fall behind in semiconductor productions compared to its neighbors, South Korea and Taiwan. 

However, the nation is one of the main providers for raw materials and semiconductor production equipments. A few main companies include DISCO, Accretech, IBIDEN and Shinko Electric Ind.

TSMC is still at a developing stage for advanced packaging technology. After landing in Japan TSMC may further cooperate with local universities, raising research capability potentials in Japan.


Source: Commercial Times

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