Behind Foxconn online live year-end-party across 20 countries is IoT solution provider SoftChef

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As most companies have cancelled their year-end-banquet nearing the lunar new year of ox due to coronavirus, Foxconn chose to move the party online using Amazon Web Services in cooperation with SoftChef (軟領科技) to realize sizable participation of the multinational corporation employees from across 20 countries.

Foxconn announced its fiscal year revenue hitting roughly US$191 thousand, contributing to a yearly record, increasing 0.31% in comparison to 2019 despite the pandemic.

The year-end-banquet is held to thank employees over a year of hard work, apart from a great feast, renowned performers dazzle the show, not to mention lottery draws with prizes worth up to iPhones, in this year’s case, five Luxgen SUVs valuing over 39 thousand USD each.

The online show broadcasts from multiple camera angles giving viewers in-person experiences to fully enjoy the show. The IoT solution provider SoftChef is behind all the infrastructures.

Autoscaling is applied for efficient use of cloud space tuned to active users, built on serverless architecture and IaC (Infrastructure as code) to increase reliability and reduces the risk of manual mistakes. 

AWS serverless architecture adopted for seamless streaming

“We adopt AWS serverless architecture such as AWS Lambda & AWS Fargate, unstructured database (Amazon DynamoDB) and a delivery stream (Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose) of services to implement the sizable event across locations and dynamic viewers.

By using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) codes we can quickly send data across AWS locations worldwide and prevent manual mistakes, quickly deploy global infrastructures without having to worry about a sudden in pour of load balancing or problems in relation to data analysis or saving.” MinChe Tsai (蔡旻哲), CTO of SoftChef explained.

Emoji and message analysis can be utilized for event evaluation

Aside from the glamorous live show, realtime messages and emojis interactions can be analyzed afterwards indicating which part of the show was favored, such as receiving the most smiley faces, serving to evaluate for hosting future parties.

As a partner of AWS IoT Lab in Taiwan, SoftChef employer points out the similarity of practical IoT hardware solutions to Foxconn’s online event, all working to tackle a sudden flow of smart device connection and simultaneously requesting for cloud resources and big data from across the globe.

IoT is not restricted to any particular industry, all the technologies used are applied on a daily basis, according to the company.


Source: SoftChef, Global Views (in Mandarin)

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