Terry Guo calls for a stronger battery industry in Taiwan, a key to electric vehicle

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“Although the mold and die play important roles in electric vehicles, the key lies in the battery. Taiwan should up their game in the battery industry.” 

Regarding the direction of industries surrounding the electric vehicle (EV), Terry Guo, Founder of Foxconn, had a few words to share when he participated in the Taiwan Mold and Die Industry Association 30th anniversary celebration event.

Two key issues for EV: Battery Revolution and Energy Management

He stresses the key issues for EV being battery and energy management. He thinks Taiwan is well suited for the battery industry to grow but currently lacks a pivotal battery supplier. The material industry can support the development of the battery industry.

“Taiwan’s semiconductor and interface industries are excellent competitive players globally, so should the battery industry,” he said. 

Mold production can’t keep up with the pace as EV spirals

When asked about the importance of the mold industry in the current EV trend. He replied that the first Tesla car was made in Taiwan. Auto and EV are part of the real economy and mold is essentially a part of it. 

He then invites all member companies of the association to join the MIH EV open platform established by Foxconn. As the EV industry soars in the near future, mold production won’t be able to keep up with the pace, he said.

In his view, Taiwanese mold and die industry remains a higher level of flexibility and innovation possibilities when compared to the Korean automotive counterparts where the industry is controlled by big enterprises.


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