Pegatron expands to supply Tesla charging piles

Source: PixabaySource: Pixabay

Pegatron (和碩聯合科技) receives orders for Tesla charging piles manufacturing. After producing central control system parts for Model 3 and since the yet to be confirmed plans of Pegatron to set up a new plant in Texas following the steps of Tesla, this is yet another cooperation.

Home chargers and destination chargers

Tesla electric vehicles can be charged at home, at destination chargers, or superchargers, the latter two could be found by navigating a Tesla built in trip-planner. 

Unnamed sources revealed that part of the home chargers and destination chargers manufacturing will be taken in the hands of Pegatron. Volume shipment is expected in the third quarter of 2021.

Supercharges are currently imported from the US, but to reduce logistic fees and meet higher demands, Tesla had planned to produce electric car chargers in Shanghai, China from the first quarter of 2021. However, it is likely that component modules will be made in the US, only leaving final assembly to Shanghai factories, keeping the profitable technology at home.

Expansion of sales and charging piles

Tesla is quickly expanding the electric vehicle charging stations to meet demands with its electric vehicle sales. A report showed Tesla had delivered half a million electric cars last year and that number is likely to double this year, according to Musk. 

Tesla currently operates over 20,000 charging piles worldwide, and among them 2,000 are superchargers. There are over 600 superchargers in China, second to the US.


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