At 2021 CES, 18 Taiwanese companies showcase IoT innovations

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Held amid a pandemic, this is the first time 2021 CES exhibition moves online as a digital exhibition showcasing some of the most exciting innovations. Among 1,950 exhibiting companies from all over the world, 130 of them come from Taiwan. 

Prior to the exhibition, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), an organization dedicated to trade promotion, takes a lead to introduce some of Taiwan’s top innovations this year in the AIoT trends. 

In a press conference on 9th January, themed “Smart Tech, Smart Sports,” TAITRA showcases a line of product debuts, including Advantech’s LoRaWAN solutions for remote monitoring, CyberLink’s FaceMeR eKYC & Fintech, Dyaco’s world’s first stepper and climber two-in-one fitness equipment, Golface’s smart golf cart system, Maktar’s Qubii – an automatic smartphone backup device, MiTAC’s cycling navigation with AI technology, Winmate’s ultra-rugged tablets for cars.

Apart from new products, CES also includes other IoV products – SYSTECH’s GPS vehicle tracker, ATrack’s AS11 LTE Trailer & Asset Tracker; IoMT products – Winnoz’s Haiim – blood collection device.

These products are linked to the main theme of 2021 CES laid on smart technology, health and wellness and sports trends. The focus is on applications driven by AIoT, such as, smart transportation, smart city, smart energy, smart home, IoMT, IoV, AR/VR and startups that can profoundly change the way we live in the future.


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