US and Taiwan enhance cooperation in key scientific and technological areas

Source: Piqsels

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO) and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) signed a new Science and Technology Agreement (STA) on December 14, 2020. The purpose is to strengthen the network and further enhance the  joint understanding of science and technology between the U.S. and Taiwan.

The U.S. recognizes the importance of collaborative science and technology endeavors. A virtual ceremony was held with the attendance of a large group of senior officials from both sides. The STA agreement reaffirms that Taiwan is a trusted partner that shares important principles, including research integrity, transparency, and reciprocity.

The STA will help to complement the comparative advantages in key areas of technology and innovation between the U.S. and Taiwan, which will be beneficial to both sides. For instance, in the field of semiconductors, Taiwan is an expert in integrated circuit design and downstream packaging, and this can be integrated with the chip design of the U.S. to reach further strategic cooperation.

In addition, Taiwan is advantaged for the academic and research in novel materials like next-generation semiconductor materials or two-dimensional materials. The reciprocal collaboration will facilitate the commercialization of core technology with more applied research. Breakthrough is expected by jointly addressing the challenges posed by a post-Moore’s Law world.

The STA lays the foundation for scientists, technical experts, third parties and international organizations to proactively take part in technological projects. The bilateral connections among industry, academia and research communities will be further strengthened by key technology dialogue meetings held on a regular basis. The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan said there is a need to call for other relevant Ministries to put efforts in the collaboration. The research cooperation between the U.S. and Taiwan will continue to thrive with the shared commitment.

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