Tesla supplier Pegatron to set up plant in the US

Source: UnplashSource: Unplash

Electric vehicle maker Tesla supplier Pegatron is planning to set up a manufacturing plant in the US. It is believed Texas will be the chosen site. Pegatron Chairman Tung Tzu-Hsien says it is internally considered, but the final decision will be announced by their client.

Pegatron is an electronic manufacturing company, mainly producing consumer electronic devices, including notebooks, desktop computers. In recent years, Pegatron is leveraging its resources to expand the business to electric cars, IoT and contact lens. 

In an interview, Pegatron chairman Tung Tzu-Hsien says he foresees a bright future for electric cars and thinks sales growth is likely to double next year, regarding the global trends in renewable energy set for 2035 and the climate change as an accelerator for the industry. 

Pegatron currently has manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Europe and China. Tesla is setting up a manufacturing plant in Texas to serve for the production of Cybertruck, Semi, Model 3 and Model Y. It will become the second manufacturing site of Tesla in the US creating an ‘ecological paradise’ as Elon Musk promises.


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